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Marketers beware: iPhone not the only game in town

The latest press from Bango states that iPhones do not even make the top 20 list in terms of data traffic.  This should not come as any surprise to any veteran in the mobile industry, but given the attention the iPhone gets from Mobile Marketer and others, you may have to wonder.  At ad:tech in Sydney two weeks ago, a presenter asked how many people in the audience had an iPhone, whereupon 50% of the audience held their hands up.  I have found that both iPhone and Twitter die-hards proliferate the marketing industry, and when they speak of both products their eyes light up.

Interestingly, you would think the Bango statistics conflict when you read MobiAD News article on AdMob’s metrics.  However, the AdMob research only speaks about Smartphone traffic, not overall moiphone-rulebile data browsing.  Marketers need to understand this, and wipe the dribble of their iPhone screens, to really understand how you hit the mass market – or brands will never be convinced that mobile should be a logical extension of online.  Opera, through their State of the Mobile Web report, and Bango through their Bango Top 20 handsets report, provide a far more balanced view of statistics.  And lastly, to find out about where J2ME traffic is (which is the most widely deployed application platform), GetJar provides some decent insights on this.

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    Just found a post from one of my new followers regarding the iPhone – wanted to share that with you:, thanks 2 jt

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